Turangi offers a cycling haven, with a couple of diverse trails catering to all enthusiasts. Embark on the Tongariro River Trail, conveniently close to The Olive Rabbit accommodation. Leave your car behind and embark on a 15km, 1-2 ½ hour journey through the captivating landscapes. The trail encompasses the National Trout Centre, an experience for fishing enthusiasts. For a more exhilarating ride, explore the Tree Trunk Gorge trail, meandering through native bush, over river fords, and across charming wooden bridges. The Pillars of Hercules found amongst the rugged charm of beech forests, blends nature's grandeur with the thrill of biking. Turangi's biking trails epitomize the harmonious interplay of adventure and natural beauty, promising a memorable exploration of this enchanting area.

Bikers' Check List
  • Tongariro River Trail ~ Up to 15 kms, taking 1-2/12 hours. The National Trout Centre is en route and great diversion along the way. There are two swing bridges to cross with some options to shorten or lengthen the journey
  • Tree Trunk Gorge ~ 19 kms, taking 2-4 hours. The track weaves through native forest, across four fords and two wooden bridges. Visit the Pillars of Hercules along the way
  • Using The Olive Rabbit as a base, drive further north for:
    • Great Lake Trail 
    • Huka Falls Loop, and/or
    • Aratiatia Loop.