Mary & Tim ~ Your Hosts

This year we have won the Bed and Breakfast Essence Award 2023, which recognises us as the best hosted bed and breakfast by the National Association in NZ, so book now and celebrate this accolade with us. Such fabulous recognition gives us much credibility and proof that we do provide an excellent experience for all our guests.

Besides, we love entertaining people and can always help provide the extras that take the pressure out of travel. We enjoy interacting with the many nationalities and cultures that come through our doors and celebrate the extra vibes that our guests bring with them. We are certainly 'international friendly' .

The Olive Rabbit is only a stone’s throw from the Tongariro River which is where you might find Tim hiding when he thinks he has time off! We’ve also had ski boots and tramping boots on our feet for countless decades now so can guide you to a whole lot of experiences, both the well known and hidden gems in our area, including those not showing on the general touristy maps.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional holiday experience for guests visiting the area, focusing on providing a base for both local activities close by and the wider region too. Attention to detail and service, and a desire to pamper our guests will shine through every moment of your stay. We know how to book you for whitewater rafting, for some wonderful horse trekking, whether you are an amateur of experienced, our provider is well versed in all grades of abilities and has various programmes to suit.


Story of The Olive Rabbit

The Olive Rabbit, an all-time favourite to this area, is a fishing fly ideal for catching trout. It is also great as a hurling fly near the bottom of the lake or river over the weed beds as it looks like an inanga or whitebait. When wet, the rabbit fur absorbs the water and wriggles and jiggles as it is pulled through the river or lake. It has an olive rabbit strip as a wing bound together with flat gold tinsel, complete with epoxy eyes.

As we are set on the banks of the old Taupahi Fishing Village, it seemed apt to call our place a fitting name to the area.