When purchased in 2019, The Olive Rabbit was enjoyed by a couple who had closed the BnB doors some six years earlier. Inspired by the opportunity that she offered, we sold up everything in the ‘big smoke’ of Wellington and moved ourselves, and part of the family, here to Turangi to reopen the doors and welcome guests both national and international. Everything began with a boom in December 2019, with little time to gather our feet only to be brought to a sudden halt with the arrival of Covid19 early in 2020.

Tim, was an agriculturist in his earlier days, and as a self-professed fisherman today, he welcomes every chance to upskill himself and try to bring home a fish. Being only a stone’s throw from the river is a real bonus for him. Additionally, having spent many weeks, every year, on the mountain with his ski boots on he is very keen to rekindle this winter interest as well. Talking to people from different walks of life and different parts of the world adds to his enjoyment of being part of an accommodation business right here in the heart of Turangi and the greater National Park area.

Mary, however, has been in the classroom for many years and outdoor education has featured high in her curricular interests. She has hiked a few of the walks in the area, including the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, and sharing her knowledge and hearing of others’ ventures sits comfortably on her radar. She also, and unashamedly, enjoys the finer things of life and loves to indulge her guests with treats and special hosting.

Mary is currently the convenor for the Home Hosts Association in the Taupo region. Providing motivation, excursions and education with other people in the Association, sharing her energy, and learning from others is one of her current top priorities.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional holiday experience for guests visiting the area, focusing on providing a base for both local activities close by and the wider region too. Attention to detail and service, and a desire to pamper our guests will shine through every moment of their stay.